Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC.

A new report from VideoGamer has it that details on the upcoming Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC have been leaked online. This news comes only days after the game's developers, DICE, released a new update for Battlelog service.

The information was Tweeted by a Russian Battlefield 4 account, @eashooters( spotted by Gameranx). It contains the names of four new maps that the DLC will contain. They include:

Lost Islands

Nansha Strike

Wave Breaker

Operation Mortar

Given the name of the DLC and its contents, it is safe to assume that that Naval Strike will be based on "dynamic ocean combat", an area that very few first person shooters have tried exploring.

Owing to the unorthodox environment that's being featured in this DLC, there's speculation that the DICE might introduce some new weapons and vehicles for players to make the most of these wet arenas.

This rumour has not been confirmed by DICE, nor has the developer commented on the matter yet.

Release Date

The report says that the expansion pack is slated for a release during Spring 2014. A recent rumour indicated that the DLC might be out during late February 2014.

The game's developer has been rolling out several patches for the title in an attempt to fix its many bugs and glitches.

The release of a bug-filled Battlefield 4 has not helped EA's reputation, a company which was voted as the 'Worst Company in America' for two years in a row. Apart from a bug-filled Battlefield 4 launch, the company's reputation was also tarnished by a failed Sim City launch in 2013.