Police in Belarus have arrested a man for hijacking a Winnie the Pooh toy car from a supermarket in the capital Minsk, local media reported on 28 July. The CCTV footage of the hijacking was released by Minsk police months after the crime was committed on 6 May.

The video shows a man walking down the supermarket aisle, then taking a seat on the Winnie the Pooh toy car while talking on his mobile phone. He slowly edges the car towards the exit door and is then seen driving the toy car away across the supermarket parking lot.

Police have appealed to the public in Minsk to come forward if they recognise the man in the video. Police also published screenshots from the video on their website and promised confidentiality to those who identify the hijacker.

After more than two months of the citywide hunt, police tracked down the culprit. A labour worker who confessed to the crime said he was drunk and did not remember where he abandoned Winnie the Pooh that night, media reported. The toy car has not been found.