Bella Hadid and Yolanda Hadid
Yolanda Hadid struggled with Lyme disease for five years, which was shown in the hit reality TV show Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Getty

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid recently revealed that her supermodel daughter Bella has been "struggling" with the infectious Lyme disease. While the 20-year-old supermodel's career has been skyrocketing, her mother opened up about the problems that Bella face behind the glamorous photo shoots as a model.

"Bella is struggling," Yolanda said during a recent appearance on the Good Day New York show as she talked about Thursday's Global Lyme Alliance Dinner in New York. "It's hard to imagine that this beautiful bright light on the cover of magazines could struggle the way that she does."

As the 52-year-old former model talked about her personal journey with the infectious disease – which has been well documented on her Bravo reality TV show – she also shed light on Bella's experience.

"She's always tired," Yolanda revealed adding, "She could sleep for 10 hours and wake up [and say], 'I'm still tired.' In the younger generation, it comes up like anxiety, severe exhaustion, joint pain, flu-like symptoms and they just keep struggling over it."

While GQ's Model of the Year suffers from the symptoms of the Lyme disease, Bella's younger brother Anwar seems to be "doing great" at coping with it. "My son, who has been home with me, is doing great. I think he's about 90 percent and he's very determined to get 100 percent and he does the work and does what needs to be done," Yolanda shared.

The Dutch-American model, who suffered from the illness for five years, had revealed at last year's Global Lyme Alliance event that her children – Bell and Anwar – had contracted the disease. For the upcoming gala this year, the TV personality's daughter has been chosen as one of the honourees.

Previously, Yolanda had shared some heart-breaking posts on Instagram about her family's struggle with the disease. "Watching my brave babies suffer in silence in order to support me in my journey has struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me, it is because of them that I continue to fight relentlessly," she wrote along with a picture of her and Bella.