Below's developers promise a fresh new gaming experience.

After an exciting reveal at E3, Below from Capybara Games is expected to be one of the most exciting upcoming games on the Xbox One.

Nathan Vella, who spoke to GamingBolt in an interview, opened up about some of the game's major highlights.

"We knew Below would be quite different compared to a lot of the other games that would be on stage, but that's how we like it. That's what videogames are these days – some feel quite familiar, some very unfamiliar. It was good to see that represented on the E3 stage last year, and to see that trend continue into 2014."

Among its many unique features, Below features permanent death, brutal combat and randomly generated environments, making it a unique game.

"We believe that exploration isn't as rewarding or as enjoyable if you're told how to do it or where to go. We believe that challenge is what emphasizes the feeling of real exploration, and the difficulty provides a concrete reason to think about how you're doing it," said Vella.

"Simple games or games with tons of hints have their place, and many of them are great fun. But for a game like Below, we think that challenge and exploration are intrinsically linked, and that's what drives us when we play our own game."

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