Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have only been married for a few months and rumours are already swirling that they are headed for a divorce because their respective mothers do not get along with each other.

Bennifer, as the media dubs the couple, tied the knot twice: first was in July in a chapel in Las Vegas, and the bigger ceremony followed a month later in Georgia. But speculations that there is already trouble in their marriage followed them thereafter.

National Enquirer in its Dec. 5 issue, made the bold claim that the couple is mulling a divorce because of their feuding mothers. A source told the newspaper, "J.Lo and Ben are dealing with a lot of issues right now. There's a real worry among friends that they may not make it in the long term."

The stressful holiday season is reportedly proving difficult for the mothers to get along because they "are butting heads." But they are "being kept well apart because Ben and J.Lo know it would likely be World War III if they got put at the same dinner table."

The source claimed that Lopez's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, still "kicks up a fuss about how Ben's family treats her daughter." They allegedly have not welcomed the singer into the family.

Affleck's mum, Chris Anne Bold, reportedly also "has yet to hit it off" with Lopez. She "still adores Jennifer Garner and always treated her like the daughter she never had."

Another insider claimed, "J.Lo's mum is incredibly close with her and Ben. She's "championed their reunion from the get-go and even plans on moving in with them someday. But the same can't be said for Chris or Ben's other relatives and Guadalupe finds that unfair and unforgivable."

J.Lo's mother reportedly "wants to have it out with Chris, though now she's pushing for some type of summit over the holidays and plans on giving the Afflecks a serious piece of her mind."

However, divorce rumours are nothing new for Affleck and Lopez and they have yet to address them. There is also no proof to confirm that their respective mothers do not get along. Likewise, it is not true that his family has not accepted the singer if his brother, Casey Affleck's message after their wedding is anything to go by. He welcomed her to the family by calling her "a gem" and writing, "We love you so much!!!"

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck attended the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie "The Tender Bar" with Jennifer Lopez -- the couple reunited in 2021 after 17 years apart GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / KEVIN WINTER