Ben Fogle repelled mugger who grabbed his briefcase near Oxford Street
TV presenter Ben Fogle repelled mugger who grabbed his briefcase near Oxford Street. Getty

Television presenter and all round nice guy Ben Fogle bared his teeth when he was attacked by a mugger in the street.

Fogle, 40, afterwards took to Twitter and gloated to his 105,000 followers, while mocking the thwarted assailant.

The smiley-faced presenter, who always looks happiest when wearing comfy jumpers and holding puppies, walloped the mugger in the face when his briefcase was grabbed near Oxford Street, in central London.

A spokesman for the star said: "Ben was walking along one of the streets off Oxford Street and it was a rare day in which he was wearing a suit and carrying a bag.

"Suddenly he felt the mugger try to grab the bag out of his left hand. And it was just on instinct that he whirled round and gave him a whack with his right hand."

Considering Fogle has gone on numerous dangerous adventures and placed himself in life-threatening situations with pal James Cracknell, it is no surprise Fogle can look after himself perfectly well.

The incident marks the second time Fogle has seen off men he feared were poised to do harm.

In 2009, four potential burglars entered his garden over the back fence and began banging on the window. When bemused Fogle twigged what was going on, he chased them off his property with the help of his pet dog.

In another mind-bending incident last year, Fogle suffered an "acid trip nightmare" after his drink was spiked at a party, causing him to try and leap from a window and march up and down his home banging on walls. "It was like having an out of body experience," he recalled.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said no report had been received.

Fogle's crime fighting deed was impressive, but was it better than this chap's?