Jimmy is done doing the right things when Better Call Saul season 2 premieres on 15 February, at 10pm ET/PT on AMC. The network has released trailer and synopsis for its season 2 premiere episode titled, Switch.

Here is the official synopsis for episode 1:

Jimmy and Kim's relationship takes a new turn. Mike decides it's for the best to sever his affiliation with an unrestrained associate.

The season 1 finale found Jimmy walking away from a lucrative job offer, and vowing to Mike Ehrmantraut that his days of playing the game straight are over. According to AMC, the second season of Better Call Saul follows the twists and turns of Jimmy's journey toward becoming his Breaking Bad alter ego, Saul Goodman, along the way soaring to new heights and sinking to new lows.

According to executive producer Peter Gould, Jimmy's epiphany does not lead to instant results. Gould told TV Guide, "It's not an instantaneous light switch that turns him into Saul Goodman." Instead, Jimmy will use his skills as a "natural-born problem solver" to get some new faces out of sticky situations, but he'll also get in some "me" time. "There's a certain amount of liquor and crab dip involved," Gould teased.

Jimmy's choice will cause some friction with Kim on top of the strained relationship between Jimmy and his brother Chuck. Peter shared, "Jimmy and Chuck's relationship moves into a very different area this season. There's enormous pain and hurt from Jimmy, but there's also a connection between these two guys."

The second season will take Mike to "some very dark places" as his relationship with Jimmy blossoms. Gould also teased difficult decisions and sacrifice ahead this season, and added, "This season is about characters trying to have it both ways, trying to have their cake and eat it too. The truth is, sometimes you have to make a decision, and sometimes there are sacrifices that are very difficult to make."