Demi Lovato took to social media to share a sexy selfie after dropping her latest star-studded music video for her hit song, Sorry Not Sorry.

In the image shared on Instagram, the singer is seen flaunting her cleavage in a green Gucci bralette. She completes her diva look by wearing blue sweatpants and sports a red bracelet with matching large hoop earrings which resemble licorice.

Bitch I don't need introduction...

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She captioned the post with a diva-like statement: "B**h I don't need introduction..!" The sizzling post has already garnered 1,210,755 likes, with hordes of fans taking to the comments section to share their views.

A fan commented: "You look like a younger Demi Moore." Another wrote: "Sooo damn beautiful." Most followers called her "hott" and "beauty queen". One user said: "Girl you are just irresistible."

"This is just so much wow in one photo," wrote a fan on the Instagram post. Earlier in the day, Demi dropped her music video, Sorry Not Sorry, which featured many celebrity cameos.

In the video, the starlet is joined by Jamie Foxx and Wix Khalifa for an actual party thrown at the 24-year-old's house back in June.

The video details the extravagant pool party at her home, as we can see people kiss, take selfies and lounge in the pool between shots of a glamorously dressed Lovato in a bubble-filled Jacuzzi on the lawn. Foxx and Khalifa both dance in the crowd. The video, which marks the singer's first solo release of 2017, ends with a scene of cops arriving at the venue.