Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook attend The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in 2016 Getty

Kaley Cuoco and her boyfriend Karl Cook are thrill seekers. The couple was recently spotted rafting in the Royal Gorge region on the Arkansas River.

The Big Bang Theory actress took to Instagram and shared a photo of her adventure trip, wherein she is seen giving a weird facial expression, while boyfriend Cook is giving a thumbs up to the camera. She captioned the image saying, "Goes rafting once and literally looks like I've gone rafting once. Unlike @mrtankcook @mxday@devvinzwick"

Fans have reacted to the cute Instagram photo, and called it "hilarious" and "priceless". A fan commented, "Your face is priceless Kailey! Bahaha & mrtankcook looks glorified! This is so much truth right here! Definitely have seen these faces before! Hahaha @normancook Thanks for the laugh! I hope it was so much fun!!! What a rush and an amazing experience to have shared!"

"Dude your face is priceless!!!" noted another. "Hahaha!! That is truly hilarious!!" commented a user. "Worst seat Kaley but most fun too. Picture taker up above Karl giving thumbs up . It's so much fun! !!!!" noted another.

Calling Karl "cute" a fan commented, "That face omg.. You got more guts than I do I would say hell no to some one of they ask me to do that .... unless he is really cute guy lol"

The 31-year-old actress earlier took a vacation to New Zealand with Cook and his family around New Year, wherein one of their planned activities was a canyon swing.

Speaking out about her vacation, she said on the Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, "I felt like I was on The Bachelor. 'Can you jump off with him? This is the next step in your relationship.' I'm like, 'Am I gonna get the rose out of this?'"

The actress, who plays Penny, didn't back out and buckled into her harness and jumped off the side of a mountain, free falling for a few seconds before they eventually got to the swing part. "It's a bungee jump and if my boyfriend calls it a swing one more time, I swear I'm going to kill him. You dangle and you hope that you're going to see your family again," she said.