Big Bang Theory season 10
The Big Bang Theory season 10 promotional pictures featuring Leonard and Penny's wedding portrait CBS

Tensions in Apartment 4B were at a all-time high as The Big Bang Theory returned with its 10th season on 19 September on CBS work. The premiere found Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny trying to mediate between their family feuds and get along, all leading up to Leonard and Penny's second outdoor marriage ceremony.

Episode 1 opened with Sheldon wondering he and Leonard will become brothers, and their confusion is cleared up as we meet Alfred and Mary the next morning. Answering Sheldon's awkward questions about whether they had coitus, the couple quickly noted that they shared a drink and had a healthy discussion, but there were no genitalia involved.

We also met Penny's family, including mother Susan, who seemed nervous about meeting Leonard's high educated parents, now out of jail brother Randall and father Wyatt trying to keep things cordial with drug jokes.

In the midst of all this, Howard gets a visit from an Air Force representative Colonel Williams (played by Dean Norris) who wants to have a sit down with the Caltech engineer. The much-awaited Leonard and Penny wedding then happened in front of the full family, with Bernadette acting as their minister, and pronouncing husband and wife again.

Sheldon even shared an emotional toast for his friend, as he said, "You and I have our ups and downs but I have always considered you my family. Even before the recent threat of our parents fornicating like wrinkly old rabbits. I don't always show it, but you are of great importance to me, both of you." The episode ended with Leonard driving his parents, Beverly and Alfred to the airport, Amy driving Sheldon and Mary Cooper to the airport and Penny driving her family back to the airport.

The promo and synopsis for The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 2 teases a "top secret" news for Leonard and Sheldon. The chapter is titled, The Military Miniaturization, which will air on 26 September at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Colonel Williams (Dean Norris), an Air Force representative from the Department of Material Command sits down to talk with Wolowitz.

The promo for the episode says, "Are you looking for a new episode of The Big Bang Theory? You will find it in CBS's next Monday, with incredible news that's so to secret that your are not allowed to talk about it."

Then we see Leonard, Sheldon and Howard conversing with Norris's character, and working on some secret project together. The video ends with Sheldon asking Leonard he can use "text to speak software" to which his roommate replies," don't speak". To know more about this Top Secret, you will have to wait till next Monday!