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Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory CBS

The big moment that Sheldon and Amy fans have been waiting for is just a week away. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler will finally move in together in The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 4, titled, The Cohabitation Experimentation.

The official synopsis for TBBT season 10 episode 4 airing on Monday (10 October) at 8pm ET/PT, reads as follows:

When Amy's apartment floods, she proposes a "cohabitation experiment" with Sheldon. Also, Howard and Bernadette are upset when Koothrappali learns the gender of the baby before they do.

The promo for the episode opens with a declaration, "Big Bang got some crazy big news," as we see Leonard, Penny and Amy are seen looking at Sheldon as he asks, "Why are you all smiling like crazy people?"

The promo says, "Sheldon and Amy are shacking up," as Amy admits, "We are officially living together." The Neurobiologist then asks her boyfriend, "You and I are going to be sharing a bed, how are you feeling about that?" To which Sheldon replies, "Excited, concerned, a little scared.. all the same emotions I feel in line at Space Mountain."

Previously, executive producer Steven Molaro spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Sheldon and Amy's will to live together as an experiment. He said, "...I'm stressing the word experiment and it's something that would they even consider it? Well, usually it's a good way to trick Sheldon into doing things is by framing it in terms of science."

In the previous episode,Sheldon, Leonard and Howard raced to meet the military's deadline for their guidance system project. Sheldon got convinced that he was addicted to an energy drink, and later broke down and admitted that he could not figure out the math and was not as smart as he thought.

They came clean about their time issue and that they would need at least two years more to Colonel Williams, and the officer readily accepted their offer stating that military was used to extending deadlines. Meanwhile, Bernadette struggled with baby issues and discussed her dilemma with Rajesh as Penny learned that Amy is popular in Caltech in the same chapter.