The Big Bang Theory season 10 may finally giving fans what they have been asking for quite some time now. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler could finally be living together, but it seems like there could be a catch here.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

According to a leak report, in season 10 episode 4, Amy's apartment would get flooded and Sheldon would let her live with him to validate their compatibility. "After Amy's apartment is flooded, she proposes to Sheldon that they live together as an experiment and he surprisingly agrees. Howard and Bernadette wonder about wanting to know the gender of their baby. Raj knows," the leaked description reads.

Sheldon and Amy decide to put up in Penny's apartment and even agree to share the same bed. Fans can sure expect a lot of adorable Shamy moments, but it is unlikely that they would get physically involved with each other. The sharing of the same roof would happen in The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 4 titled, The Cohabitation Experimentation, which is set to air on 10 October at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

Showrunner Steve Molaro in a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter spoke about Sheldon and Amy's relationship in season 10. When asked if there are wedding bells in the near future, Molaro said, "That may be something that we're not ready to attack right away. But we will, in the near future, start poking at the living arrangements and what makes sense and how that might work."

Teasing about the couple's living arrangement, the showrunner explained, "Big and not big, it will happen very clearly as an experiment. Any shifts that happen are experimental and could be undone if necessary. Phrased in the show [terms], presenting something to Sheldon that he may not want to do as science and data collection is a good way to try and get him on board."