The Big Bang Theory season 10 finale episode will find lovebirds Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler separated as the neurobiologist leaves to pursue a research fellowship at Princeton.

Also a surprise appearance from Sheldon's past will make things even more complicated. Episode 24 is titled, The Long Distance Dissonance, which will air on 11 May at 8pm EST on CBS Network. The official synopsis reads as follows:

The gang is concerned when Sheldon's former admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome), resurfaces while Amy is away at Princeton.

The promo for the episode opens with a voice-over saying, "If you thought the original Big Bang was big, wait till you to see The Big Bang Theory season finale." Then we see the gang awkwardly saying hello to someone, which one may assume is Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (guest star Riki Lindhome).

Sheldon, who is missing his girlfriend, is being consoled by Penny. She tries to point out that they can make this long distance work and tells him, "Think of yourself as one of those limited edition toys." To which the physicist replies, "Amy has already taken me out of my package and played with me," which leaves behind a very confused Penny.

The promo ends with the voice over saying, "Get ready for one big surprise." The surprise is that Sheldon's old crush, Ramona will make an appearance in the episode.

In the previous episode, Sheldon received two upsetting news; first he learned that the Air Force had confiscated the quantum gyroscope project that he, Leonard and Howard have been working on. Second, Amy told him that she had been accepted for a fellowship at Princeton.

His initial reaction to Amy leaving was not good, but with Leonard's advice, he came to accept Amy's decision and even made one exception to their annual coitus rule. The couple decided to have one lovemaking session before the Amy leaves. "Let's go to the bedroom, remove our clothes, fold them neatly, and engage in frenzied lovemaking," he said.

"What if we don't fold our clothes at all?" suggested Amy.