Fans will have to wait until February for new episode of The Big Bang Theory season 11. The CBS drama has gone on a brief hiatus and will return with episode 15 on 1 February at 8 pm EST.

The fifteenth episode is titled, The Novelization Correlation, where Amy Farrah Fowler is invited to be a guest star on the new Professor Proton show. Also, Leonard struggles to figure out who is the female character from his book based on and Wil Wheaton will guest star as himself.

Here is the full official synopsis of the episode:

Leonard has issues on who is the model for the heroine in his novel and Amy gets to be a guest on the new Professor Proton show.

In the previous episode, Sheldon approaches a reluctant Leonard and Penny and convinces them to let him use his old room to study for a three-day trial period with an agreement to be quiet and stay out of their way.

Sheldon surprisingly sticks to this agreement, which frustrates Leonard. The genius physicist later cleverly renegotiates the guest tenancy agreement for an extra few days and resumes being his normal demanding and quirky self, which surprisingly pleases Leonard.

Jim Parsons, who plays the quirky scientist Sheldon Cooper on the show, spoke to Parade and revealed that his character has evolved since his engagement with Amy. The actor explained, "I think that it's one of the journeys they've really worked to take him on. We've had several different episodes, it feels like, where Amy's coaching him in the ways of being empathetic."

"We're working on an episode right now, where he realizes that she doesn't do certain things that she wants to do because she knows how he'll react to it. And he doesn't like it. He starts trying to work on not complaining about what she wants --- and it lasts for a couple of pages," he added of Sheldon's changed personality.