Warner Brothers TV and CBS are reportedly in the early stages of developing a spin-off of its hit comedy, The Big Bang Theory, revolving around the life of young Sheldon Cooper in a Texas setting.

A source told Variety, "The project is nearing a script deal." Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the original series, will reportedly be the executive producer of the spin-off along with Chuck Lorre and TBBT's showrunner Steve Molaro. Co-creator/executive producer Bill Prady is also likely to be on board, said the website.

Molaro will reportedly write the script focusing on Sheldon as a young genius, growing up in Texas. Sheldon's family featuring his alcoholic father, religious mother, Mary, and his twin sister, Missy, has often been referenced on The Big Bang Theory.

Actress Laurie Metcalf was even nominated for an Emmy in 2016, for her recurring guest star role as Sheldon's mother, Mary Cooper. This news comes after rumours began swirling that the show will end after season 10.

Previously, Steve Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter, "The reality is that maybe season 10 is the ending point. The real answer is I don't know and all I can do right now is go episode to episode and try to make each one the best that we can. There's still so many episodes to go. Even if hypothetically season 10 was the end, I wouldn't be focusing on that yet. That seems like something that would be dealt with way down the line."

But Molaro also left the future of the CBS show ambiguous and teased, "I can't speak to the future or on behalf of the cast or where we'll be then but it's certainly possible that it could go past that [season 10]." The Big Bang Theory season 10 airs every Thursday at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

IBTimes UK has reached out to the actors and producers of the show for confirmation and is awaiting a reply.