Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 7
Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 10 CBS

Fans of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farah Fowler will be excited as the physicist will insist on the two having a baby together. Sheldon will even dress as a Casanova to impress his girlfriend in the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Episode 8 of season 10 is titled The Brain Bowl Incubation, which will air on 10 November at 8pm EST on CBS Network. The official synopsis of the chapter reads as follows:

After a successful experiment combining their genes, Sheldon will stop at nothing to convince Amy they should procreate. Also, Koothrappali is embarrassed to tell the gang what the new woman he's dating does for a living.

The latest promo for the upcoming episode opens with Sheldon and Amy in a lab, doing an experiment by combing their genes together. Following success Sheldon tells Amy, "lock that door, lower [those] underpants a little and [lets] make a baby."

The voice-over says, "It's the experiment that turns Sheldon into a cosmic Casanova." Then we see him, wearing a tux and waiting for Amy at their apartment – which is decorated with candles and flowers.

He even shows off his dancing skills, but Amy is not impressed with the idea and leaves saying, "For god sake! You are ridiculous."

In the previous episode, Sheldon found out that Amy's apartment was repaired some weeks ago, but she kept lying to him to so that the two could continue to living together. Sheldon later forgave her and revealed that even he wanted to continue living with her, but was disturbed about where they should put up as a couple.

Meanwhile, Leonard found out that Penny had been secretly moving his collectables into storage. After a little confrontation, he insists that she should decorate their bedroom and agreed to keep the rest of his stuff in Sheldon's old room. Penny ends up use pink to decorate the bedroom, following which he begins to hide Penny's stuff at Sheldon's new place.