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Actress Mayim Bialik speaks onstage during the #BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference at JW Marriott Los Angeles in 2016 Getty

There is some good news for Blossom fans. Mayim Bialik, who played teen Blossom Russo on the NBC series that aired from 1991 to1995, has revealed that the series will be available on Hulu. She shared the news on Instagram alongside a throwback photo of herself with Blossom co-star David Lascher.

Bialik rose to fame playing neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit CBS series The Big Bang Theory.

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She captioned the Instagram post: "I've got some very exciting news for #Blossom fans...for almost 30 years people have been asking me about this....well... starting on November 21st, the entire Blossom series will be available on @Hulu!!!!!!"

"Here's a #TBT / #BTS pic of me and David Lascher! make note to get your Blossom fandom on in a few weeks!!!' The 43-year-old actress added.

The NBC show centres on Blossom Russo, who lives with her father and two brothers, one of whom was played by Stoyanov, and the other by Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence at different stages of the character's life.

Bialik, who is the author of the new book Girling Up, spoke about her Blossom days to Tech Insider. She said, "I'm often recognised for my role in Blossom, the '90s sitcom where I was playing the lead character from the years that I was 14 to 19."

She added:"Depending on where I am, and I guess the age of the person coming up to me, a lot of people tend to know me from Big Bang Theory."

"It's a show that has tens of millions of people watching it every week, so statistically speaking, many people who also like me on Blossom are probably watching Big Bang Theory," Mayim said.

"But once in a while, I'll get someone who says "I don't watch 'Big Bang Theory,' but I really loved you on Blossom. Often I'll get young women, young enough to be my daughter, saying "my mom loved you on Blossom, but I'm too young to have seen it, so I love you on Big Bang Theory. That makes me feel old," she said.