'Big Man' from the 'Scotrail No Ticket' YouTube video that has recently gone viral 'will have his day in court' according to the father of Sam Main, the boy he threw off the ScotRail service.

Sam Main allegedly got on to a train from Edinburgh Park to Polmont without a ticket and when the inspector came checking, he told the driver to stop the train until Main removed himself from the service.

A shouting match ensued with the driver telling the youth he was happy to sit there all night and wait for the youth to leave the train.

"I'll sit here all night pal. I'm getting paid for this but they (the passengers) will start moaning," he said.

The gobby youth then turns up the volume, telling the elderly conductor that he had already shown him his ticket and swearing wildly.

Public transport hero, Alan Pollock, then asks the conductor if there's a problem and then if he would like him to remove the youngster from the train.

"Yes, big man, get this wee bawbag off," quips the conductor at which point Pollock grabs 19-year-old Main by the scruff of the neck and hurls him off.

Main was tracked down by the local media and defends his actions on the ScotRail service: "I had been out celebrating after an exam and I was half asleep on the train.

"I did have a ticket but I must have handed over the wrong one to the conductor. The next thing I know this big guy is manhandling me to the door and throwing me off.

"I couldn't believe it when the footage turned up on YouTube."

Pollock was applauded by other passengers, who dubbed him the 'Big Man', with the YouTube video getting a million hits just four days after it was posted.