As the mystery surrounding Bigfoot continues to this day, a new video has surfaced with alleged footage of the beast making its way through deep woods in the US. However, the exact location or the time when the clip was shot has not been disclosed, as per reports.

"Brave hiker gets very close to 'real sasquatch'," a description reads alongside the video, which shows a person allegedly capturing the hairy Bigfoot on camera as it seems to lurk around in the wilderness.

At one point though, the hiker supposedly even tries to get close to the mysterious-looking beast. But before he/she could record any further scenes in the forest, the creature manages to escape from sight. Since being posted on the YouTube channel Nv TV, the latest so-called Bigfoot sighting video has managed to garner quite a buzz.

Real or fake? Take a look for yourself:

While some viewers appeared to be intrigued by the zoomed-in footage of the Sasquatch, many others dismissed the clip as a "hoax".

"Sorry, but too fake looking and obviously a bad hoax to watch twice," commented one sceptical user, as a second viewer chimed in, writing, "At one point where it was making its way through some brush, its motions were absolutely human!! My opinion is, buddy in a suit!! Just my opinion!"

Another enthusiast opined, "Hoax. First off, they would run because they don't want to be seen and he would have heard the man; second, he is the size of a human being... big foots are tall. I doubt that he is following a juvenile, people want to believe so bad that they don't want to see the fakes as what they are, which is FAKE. I believe they exist, but I don't believe this is the real deal."

However, unlike the disbelievers, some people were sure that this video is the real deal.

"I just spent a couple hours on this video. It's real, it has two young ones as well," explained one YouTube viewer.

"Sasquatch leaves them behind a blind and walks forward directing the attention away from the small ones. This video is so crazy I can't even finish it tonight. Got 20 time stamps showing the Sasquatch with the help of his forest friends hide and then re-appear in an instant. Don't think someone in a suit could do that. Just saying. Stay safe my friends [sic]," the user further explained.