Preocuparse menos, mandar a la mierda más 🖕🏾

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From Jennifer Lopez to Mariah Carey, rumours of celebrities insuring their body parts for a ridiculously high amounts is nothing new in showbiz. The latest to join the league is Argentinian stunner Sol Perez.

The 24-year-old TV presenter, dubbed the "world's sexiest weathergirl", is reported to have shelled out an eye-popping £72,000 (2 million Argentine pesos) to insure her bum.

According to the Daily Star, Perez took the step to protect her famous behind – that often catches attention in her numerous social media uploads – against "all risks".

She reportedly found a company which was willing to offer a hefty amount if anything were to happen to her bum.

As part of her efforts to stay in shape, the Latin American media star even recently confessed to undergoing an intense workout and weightlifting regime to gain 10 kg of bodyweight.

"I like the culture around fitness and the atmosphere of a gym," she said, as quoted by news sites, adding: "It is trendy to post workout pictures at the moment but I only share what I want others to see."

The TyC Sports channel presenter boasts two million plus followers on Instagram. From photos in bikinis to glimpses of hers from exotic locations, Perez frequently treats fans to moments from her private life. Fans in turn bombard her comments section with raving messages.

Ser feliz sin esa necesidad constante de mirar que hace el resto.

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Feliz de haber estado en #involucrados por @americatv

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