Bigg Boss season 10 with Salman Khan
Salman Khan will reveal the name of the contestant who received the least number of votes. Colors/Viacom 18

Salman Khan will return for the weekend eviction special episode of Bigg Boss 10 to announce the name of the housemate with the lowest number of public votes. This week, Akanksha Sharma, Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul, Rohan Mehra, Gaurav Chopra and Mona Lisa have been nominated.

The show will air at 9pm IST on Colors network on Saturday (29 October) and Sunday (30 October). Click here to watch it live online. You can also watch the entire episode on the network's YouTube channel by clicking here.

Indian television actor Rohan Mehra has emerged as one of the most popular contestants of the tenth season. With a huge fan following, it is safe to predict that he will stay safe during this week's eviction.

VJ Bani remains the centre of attraction in the house as Nitibha Kaul ignited an ugly fight with the former Roadies winner over maintaining cleanliness in the house.

This year, the reality show introduced a new concept of commoners vs. celebrities. But, the absence of controversial and fierce personalities is not improving the viewership ratings. The spark among the commoners is almost nonexistent. They have also failed to stay united as Naveen lost respect of his fellow contestants after he destroyed Lokesh's dominos row in order to win the immunity task.

As India gears up to celebrate Diwali on 30 October, the house of Bigg Boss is also preparing for festivities. After plenty of drama and fights during the luxury budget task, the contestants have buried the hatchet to celebrate the festival of light. To cheer the housemates, Bigg Boss distributed gifts sent by the contestants' families.

It appears that the show producers need to include more interesting and controversial characters to improve ratings. The reality-drama, Bigg Boss, locks ten contestants in the house for three months with multiple cameras, documenting their lives.