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Mind games and controversies are brewing inside the Bigg Boss 8 house.

This week saw Gautam Gulati become the victim of a 'herd mentality' when he was treated as an outcast.

This week's Weekend Ka Vaar started with a secret call from Salman Khan asking house mates to complete three tasks to keep one of the contestants safe.

Only Arya Babbar agreed to do it, and his good intensions were praised by Khan.

The Kick star then supported Gautam Gulati, and accused captain Upen Patel of using his powers to satisfy his personal grudge.

Bigg boss 8 gautam Gulati
Gautam Gulati in Bigg Boss 8 colors

Upen Patel- Gautam Gulati fight

This week saw the Bigg Boss give the contestants a telephone booth task. While Sushant Divgikar was on the phone, Upen and the other boys were asked if they could get their heads shaved, to which everyone replied in the negative. However, when he was asked, Gautam casually said, 'I am not a friend, whoever is best friends with Sushant should do it.'

Upen being close friends with Sushant, took the remark personally, and confronted Gautam. The regular conversation went on to become a one-on-one fight, where Arya, Praneet, Pritam and Karishma Tanna had to intervene to pacify the boys.

The host also questioned Patel's decision to reward Sushant, who failed the phone booth task, and blamed him for wrongly punishing Gulati.

Sushant's "brat" and "whatever" quip also came under fire by the host, who advised him to buckle up.

Accusing the house mates of following a "herd mentality", Salman said that plotting and going against Gulati was not right. It was then revealed that Gautam got the highest votes and is saved from elimination this week.

Gulati got the highest ever number of votes from the public in the history of Bigg Boss, and has garnered a huge fan following across India.

Sallu also says, "If Gautam is that Negative why is people saving him?"

Here are a few fan tweets:

The big twist in the end was Puneet and Minissha Lamba being evicted.

Salman said that instead of one this week they would have two eliminations and Puneet and Minissha were seen leaving the Bigg Boss house at the end of the show. However, they won't be evicted fully and they will be kept in the secret room from where they will see how the other contestants are reacting. They may even make a comeback take sweet revenge.