Forbes has released a list of this year's biggest movie flops. Bill Murray's critically panned comedy Rock the Kasbah had the dubious honour of finishing in first place. The film, which follows a recording agent who takes his client and business to Afghanistan, grossed $2.9m (£1.92m) on an estimated $15m production budget. At number two, Sean Penn's The Gunman failed to bring in the crowds in March. With a $40m budget, it only collected $10.7m in box office receipts.

Even George Clooney couldn't save futuristic summer offering Tomorrowland. Although the film grossed $209m , Forbes noted that the production budget was estimated at $190m, not including marketing costs. It was placed 14th on the list.

Variety Awards Editor Timothy Gray elaborated: "It's funny, you do look at some films and think, 'what were they thinking?' A lot of times you can see a film and think, 'well their intentions were good.' With a movie like Tomorrowland, Brad Bird, really good director, George Clooney, you'd think on paper this sounds great and then you watch it and you think, didn't quite turn out probably the way they thought it would," said Gray.

Despite an all-star line-up including Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, Hawaii-based romantic comedy Aloha was among the year's most-publicised misfires, with a $37m return on an estimated $26.3m production budget. Along with less than stellar box office takings, the film was widely panned by critics for featuring a mostly white cast in a Polynesian setting.

Zac Efron's electronic dance music movie We Are Your Friends was listed in 8th place and Johnny Depp's quirky action caper Mortdecai was placed 10th.