Bill Murray
Bill Murray, who played Dr. Peter Venkman in the 1984 original Ghostbusters, will appear in Paul Feig's all-female reboot next year Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Who you gonna call? Well, legendary actor Bill Murray apparently if you are directing a reboot of cult hit Ghostbusters, with the star gearing up to make an appearance in Paul Feig's take on the ghoulie-catching crew.

Variety, Deadline and Hollywood Reporter have all confirmed that Murray will play an unspecified role just days after he was spotted arriving in Boston, Massachusetts, where the film was shooting. However, Births. Movies. Deaths have alternatively claimed that Murray will play a professional supernatural debunker called Martin Heiss, who plans to expose the Ghostbusters as phonies throughout the movie.

The 64-year-old played zany parapsychologist Dr Peter Venkman, in both the 1984 original movie and its follow-up five years later, but surprisingly opted out of starring in a third as he was reportedly put off by the fact that it might not be as well-received as the first.

He also alluded in an interview with David Letterman back in 2012 that the script he had read for the third instalment was not quite up to scratch. But it seems as if he is finally ready to return to the world of ghost-busting after having praised Feig's movies.

The director's all-female interpretation includes Spy star Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids' Kristen Wiig, and Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, as the main group of paranormal fighters. The movie will also feature Avengers star Chris Hemsworth alongside Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh and Andy Garcia.

Fellow original Ghostbuster Dan Ackroyd also confirmed he will make a cameo in the movie and it looks like he and Murray will be the only ones coming back to the franchise. Winston Zeddemore himself, Ernie Hudson is not suspected to return after he branded the all-women concept a "bad idea," while fourth and final member Harold Ramis, who played Egon Spengler, died in February 2014. The reboot is scheduled to hit cinemas in both the UK and the US on 15 July 2016.