dragon age inquisition

Bioware, who are working on the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, have been talking a lot about the game in recent times. The title will be the third instalment in the Dragon Age fantasy RPG series and has a release date in the coming future. Bioware's Cameron Lee offered some finer details on the game in a recent interview with AusGamers.

Regarding the game's combat system, which offered terrible combat mechanics last time, Bioware says that there won't be any problems as far as the latest title is concerned.

"The combat systems and the creatures and the enemy abilities, it's so bloody complex that it's almost impossible to create fixed encounters, so we just do it with a broad sense of assuming that there's one of each class, and if they want to do all rogues, or all mages, or all warriors, or whatever combination, then have fun; go mental. If you want to do four mages, it's great fun, I'll tell you that [laughs]," Lee said.

On being asked about the scale of the world and its side quests, Lee said that players will enjoy moving through a broad and expansive new world.

"What we've done with the story of Dragon Age Inquisition, it covers two nations -- Ferelden and Orlais -- and that's thousands and thousands of kilometres of world, so the story is that broad and sweeping", said Lee.

"We can't make that amount of space -- thousands of kilometres -- so what we've done is we've taken the best parts, or the parts that make the most sense to the story, and we've made these massive open areas.

"I couldn't actually tell you... I don't know how big it is in terms of the square kilometres, but that part of the demo that you saw -- the Hinterlands -- that's definitely bigger than all of Dragon Age: Origins. You can go anywhere that you can see -- there's complete freedom there.

"They're all full of side-quests, activities, combat encounters; there's a whole bunch of different things in there," he added.