Video from a wildlife-documentary production company captures the world as seen through the eyes of an eagle in flight. The video, from Terra Mater Film Studios, was created by mounting a camera on an eagle, named Alexander the Great, as it flew through Kulm, Austria, the company said. The flight occurred during the Ski Flying World Championships held on 14-16 January 2016, and the ramps and pavilions of the event can be seen below the bird before it lands.

The snowy peaks of Austria zoom beneath the animal, whose head can be seen on camera. Terra Mater said they intended the perspective to give the footage a sense of speed and the sensation of flying. The studio also said the bird of prey stars in their upcoming film, Brothers of the Wind, scheduled to be released on 29 January in German-speaking territories.

The eagle has a wingspan of two metres and is able to fly at speeds of up to 124.24mph, Terra Mater Film Studios said, and is a favourite of the Austrian National Ski-jumping team.