Kuno Goda, the German artist who last year sold an Andy Warholesque screenprint entitled "200 Bitcoins", has completed a new series of works based on Bitcoin's smarter sibling Ethereum.

The new work, "Glideth" features four permutations of the renowned hacker logo, "the Glider". Each 21 x 30 cm picture consists of five Ethereum logos, hand-printed on a copper-clad plate, usually used to produce electrical circuit boards.

Ethereum is sometimes referred to as Bitcoin 2.0. The Ethereum collective is a non-profit, equity crowd funded operation that offers a Turing-complete programming environment which can handle data rich distributed apps, and can execute code in a form often described as smart contracts.

Comparing Bitcoin to Ethereum, smart contracts and cryptography expert Nick Szabo often uses the analogy of a pocket calculator versus a general purpose computer.

Goda's 200 Bitcoins artwork, which was bid for in the titular cryptocurrency, garnered quite a bit of interest and media attention.

Bids for Glideth will be accepted in bitcoin and also in Ethereum's native currency, ether.