Blacklist season 3
The Blacklist season 3 will find Liz and Red on the run from the FBI (NBC)

The hunter will become the hunted when The Blacklist season 3 returns in October. In the season 2 finale fans saw Liz Keen shooting at Attorney General Tom Connolly, thereby making her a fugitive along with Red. Now, Liz's name figures on FBI's Most Wanted bulletin board beside Red and a team including her former colleagues -- led by agent Ressler -- will be given the task of apprehending her.

While the latest trailer shows Red and Liz on the run from the FBI, Ressler is seen hunting them down. The former FBI agent sports a Blonde look and James Spader aka Reddington is seen taking down a notorious blacklister in the promo.

Executive producer John Eisendrath in an interview with TVLine has said that season 3 will "still be delivering blacklisters". He added that the series and will stay true to its procedural roots. However, he also teased the show "will have a different feel" in season 3.

Speaking about Ressler 's hunt for his former colleague, Eisendrath said, "That's going to cause a lot of tension between those on the task force, each of whom have a very specific point of view about the value of [arresting Liz]."

"Ressler is a dogged, by-the-book guy who is going to bring [Liz and Red] in. At the same time, we have found opportunities for Red and Liz to convince the FBI that one of the best ways to keep track of them is to assist them in going after certain blacklisters, who Red and Liz are going after in order to exonerate Liz," he stressed.

But series creator Jon Bokenkamp claimed that season 3 "is not a complete reinvention of the show", instead "it is a great shot of adrenaline. There's a real energy and urgency, and it comes from an organic place".

Bokenkamp and Eisendrath also teased that they would continue to explore the background of Liz's mother and hinted at an "end-game".

"We will give hints. There will be echoes of questions that we will bring up about [Liz's] mother," Eisendrath stated. "We will infuse the episodes with some of that, but a lot of the beginning is, 'What's happening now? How are they going to escape Ressler? Are they going to avoid capture'?"

Bokenkamp added, "I understand that there's an appetite to want the whole truth. But the whole truth won't come until the end, and along the way, many breadcrumbs have been laid out. We're definitely working toward an endgame."

Will Ressler be successful in nabbing Liz and Red? We will have to wait and watch. The Blacklist season 3 premieres on 1 October on NBC at 9pm/8pm CT.