Blindspot season 1
Jane will be in a deep dilemma whether to trust her own video or not NBC

NBC's crime thriller Blindspot is heading towards an interesting twist and fans are waiting with bated breath to unravel the multilayered secrets revolving around Jane Doe. Episode 13 of the series will not only explore more secrets about the past of the tattooed woman but also of Bethany Mayfair, the assistant director of the FBI.

Chief inspector Jonas Fischer (John Hodgman) will have an eagle eye on the agents after receiving a tip that there is a mole in the office. The New York office will be shaken by the revelation but the two most affected will be Jane and Mayfair.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode Erase Weary Youth suggests that Jane/ Taylor Shaw will have to put in more efforts to avoid extreme scrutiny especially after she learns that she is responsible for the tattoos on her body and erasing her own memory.

The official synopsis reads: After a tip reveals there's a mole within the FBI's New York Office, the team must hunt for the operative while facing extreme scrutiny from Inspector Fischer (guest star John Hodgman). The team's deepest secrets threaten to be exposed, and everyone is a potential suspect — but some, especially Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) have more to hide.

Meanwhile, series creator Martin Gero has teased that special agent Patterson and Mayfair will have to deal with agent Jonas who is in the office to uncover the mole.

"He's [Jonas] not done with Mayfair yet. Mayfair and her past are something that we're taking a look at all season. They all have so many secrets, and Jonas is just looking for any sort of wedge to get in there," Gero told TV Line.

Blindspot episode 13 titled Erase Weary Youth will air on 14 March on NBC network.