Steven Universe
Steven Universe, the popular animated series, is on a hiatus Cartoon Network

Steven Universe returned on Cartoon Network in January after a two-month hiatus. However, after airing five back-to-back episodes in a week, the show again went off air and fans are eagerly waiting for fresh instalments of the popular series.

Cartoon Network, however, is yet to declare a release date but teasers of the upcoming episodes have surfaced online suggesting a Lapis Lazuli and Peridot focused episode. Released on the UK website of the popular network, the video reveals that Lapis Lazuli saves the Crystal Gem member and Steven from a scary spaceship.

It appears the latest leaked video follows the previously released four-second clip where, the Crystal Gems member offers a gift to the Homeworld Gem. The latest clip reveals that the half-gem and half-human show protagonist, Steven, is sad, probably because Lapiz rejected Peridot's gift and broke it.

But soon Peridot runs screaming towards them with a spaceship trying to attack her. However, before Steven can try some of his powers to protect his friends, the Homeworld Gem uses her magic and sends back the flying ball somewhere into space.

There is another video of the upcoming episode revealing a huge showdown between Malachite and Alexandrite. In season 1, Lapis and Jasper fused to form Malachite but they remained trapped under the sea after Lapis regained her hydrokinetic ability.

After the furious fight, it looks like Lapis escaped from Malachite but it also hints that Jasper too is on the loose and can attack the Gems.

Watch the videos below:

There is speculation that the unannounced episode is titled Barn Mates and will feature the growing friendship between Lapis and Peridot.