Blacklist season 3
Blacklist season 3 episode 17 will also feature Liz and Tom's wedding NBC

After airing a cliff-hanger of an episode of The Blacklist season 3, the popular NBC show again went on a month-long hiatus. Episode 17 of the popular thriller will now air on 7 April and anticipation is high that the upcoming instalment will bring some major drama related to Elizabeth Keen and her mother Katarina Rostova.

NBC is yet to release a synopsis for the next episode titled Blac but the events of the previous episode hint that Raymond 'Red' Reddington is up to something in his mind as he burned down a piece of paper containing information that would prove Rostova's truth before Liz.

In episode 16, Red tries to convince the former FBI agent that her mother had not accepted the fact that Liz had killed her father and that she was last seen walking towards the sea and it was assumed that she was dead.

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However, new evidence suggests that she is alive and is after the life of Red. In episode 15, Reddington learned that Drexel was working on a painting commissioned by Liz's mother.

But the mystery still remains why he is preventing Liz from knowing the truth about her mother while offering her all the support she needs and promising her that he will never lie to her.

A promo released by NBC reveals that Liz is getting dressed to remarry Tom but Red appears way too worried and asks her to dump him. The voice-over says "until death do they part" and this gives a chill to fans who were expecting some romantic moments between Tom and Liz.

But given Red's knowledge about the crime world, it is hard to avoid his warnings and it will be worth waiting for one month to know what happens to the couple, Liz's mother and how Red will deal with them all.