Blindspot season 2
Jane and Weller hit a rocky patch in Blindspot season 1 finale NBC

Season 1 of Blindspot ended without providing any information about Jane Doe's past. After it was revealed that the tattooed mystery girl was not Taylor Shaw, Weller seemed to be in a dilemma as his dying father confessed to killing his childhood friend Taylor.

This automatically implied that Jane was not his long lost childhood friend. Shattered by the revelation, Weller arrested Jane. Meanwhile, Jane found out about Oscar's vicious intentions of wiping her memory again, but during a scuffle the latter died. This also raised concerns over Jane's real identity.

Nonetheless, the NBC show's executive producer, Martin Gero, has some exciting news for fans. He told TV Line: "You're going to find out exactly who she is in the first episode of next season, so it's not like we needed that for additional mystery."

Gero also teased that fans would get to see an emotionally weak Weller and Jane in the next season as they both are lonely. "It had more to do with Weller's journey this season and his belief that this was all about Taylor Shaw and the relationship that he had with his father. We thought that was an incredibly emotional roller coaster ride for them. To start with him thinking that she's Taylor Shaw and then have it all fall apart in the end — it's just heartbreaking for him," he explained.

The show's producer also teased that the couple will hit a rocky patch due to the misunderstandings. "He doesn't understand how little she's complicit in it, but from his point of view, she lied to him about being Taylor Shaw, and therefore, she must be involved in somebody trying to really f**k up his life. He's furious," he said.

Blindspot season 2 will premiere in autumn this year on NBC.