An unnamed 78-year-old British expat was seriously wounded by his wife as both of them engaged in a violent domestic conflict. The man had been living with his 67-year-old wife in the city of Pattaya, Thailand which is also known as the "Sin City." What started off as a verbal argument took a very horrible turn when the man allegedly tried to stab his wife. Both partners were found bloodied and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

On Sunday night, neighbours of the quarrelling couple had to alert the police after they found the couple bloodied. Police found that both the man and woman had sustained significant lacerations. The elderly man had deep cuts across his head while his wife had cuts on her hands.

Neighbours tended to the couple's wounds before the paramedics arrived. After receiving emergency treatment from paramedics, the couple was taken to a nearby hospital. Even though the couple did not suffer life-threatening injuries, they had lost a lot of blood by the time they received medical attention.

Police discovered blood all over the floor of the couple's apartment. A knife was discovered in the trash can within the apartment, and is believed to be the weapon used.

Speaking to the police, the woman claimed that it was the elderly man who initiated the physical violence, The Sun reported. She stated that the couple were having a heated argument during which the man lost his temper. The enraged man then allegedly took a knife from the kitchen and tried to stab his wife. The woman raised her arms to protect herself and got slashed in the arms by the husband.

The wife confessed that she then took the knife from her husband and slashed his head. She claims that her attack was an act of self-defence to keep the man away. After she stabbed him, he stopped attacking her.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jirasak Abphaeng stated that they will be questioning both the man and woman to determine who was responsible for the attack. Since the incident took place without any other witness, the police will depend on the statements provided by the couple. Police have separated the couple and will press charges after the investigation.

couple left each other bloodied after knife fight. Getty