Current holder is Thrust
Current land speed record holder is Thrust Reuters

British rocket scientists are to test an engine they believe will power the world's first 1,000mph car.

The engine will be tested in a reinforced air shelter in Cornwall by the Bloodhound supersonic car team who have their sights set on smashing the land speed record of 763mph held by the Thrust SSC.

For that to happen, liquid jet fuel will need to flow through the Bloodhound engine's combustion chamber at a rate which would fill an average-sized bath tub in five seconds.

Footage of the prototype test will be streamed live on the web.

"The worst thing that could happen is nothing at all," said scientist Daniel Jubb, 28.

Development of the engine started two years ago. The engine will be put through the terst in five stages with more fuel added at each stage.

Some of the Bloodhound team engineers helped develop the Thrust, whose land speed record has been unbroken since 1997.

Speed freaks and the world's scientific community will be paying keen attention, among them space scientists who want to send commercial flights into space and require special fuel to do so.

The project has cost a total of £8.3m, raised from sponsors including luxury watchmaker Rolex.