Fellatio Cafe PR image
Promotional image showing a mock up of the iPad customers would use Fellatio Cafe

When cafes and restaurants add service to the end of your bill, it can feel a little underhand – but a cafe to be erected in London is planning to offer a special service under-the-table. While speaking to media about the first fellatio cafe, set to open later this year, the founder said plans were in the pipeline for a London edition.

The first Fellatio Cafe has an opening date of 6 December 2016 in Geneva. Customers will be able to get a coffee and browse an iPad with pictures of escorts, picking which they want to pay for oral sex. The base charge is £50, with £10 for every additional 15 minutes.

The London branch is being planned with local sponsor BumPix – described as a social network for UK escorts.

Speaking to the Independent, Fellatio Cafe founder, Bradley Charvet said that the London franchise is currently being planned for a site on Praed Street, near Paddington. "It's close to the Hilton hotel and the Paddington station. There are a few hotels around there and tons of visitors each day."

Some have pondered the legality of such a venture – in the UK prostitution is legal but running a brothel is not. Charvet said that their lawyer was currently working to make sure the cafe would be legal in the UK.

Charvet is planning an outlet to look like a regular cafe, plus two booths for shyer guys. Asked whether the sex workers will also serve the coffee, Charvet replied: "A waitress is going to serve the coffee. Sex workers are only going to touch the client's genitalia."

Elsewhere, another London venture where people have their bits out has just launched a new menu. The much talked about naked restaurant – the Bunyadi – is now serving a three-course vegan and non-vegan menu alongside their previous five course offering.