Thinking about vomiting while you're at a restaurant is usually the last route to a good review but for Dim Sum Icon in Hong Kong, there's a dish to that's made to make you think of bodily fluids. Customers are told to poke holes in the front or rear of dim sum with cartoon faces and watch white or brown cream ooze out.

The dim sum is made to resemble Kobito characters – odd looking Japanese toys – and people are coming just to try them. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the restaurant's assistance manager, Ray Kuo said: "Actually we got a lot of good reviews from them. That is the main one they post on Facebook and Instagram."

Dim Sum Icon currently run two restaurants in Hong Kong. Kuo told the paper that the restaurants were trying to encourage a new generation to enjoy dim sum: "We don't want the old traditional Chinese style of dim sum, so we want make it more fashionable."

It's not the only gross-sounding novel food to hit headlines this week: some are proclaiming cockroach milk to be the next superfood. The formula, secreted by cockroaches to their young, is thought to be include 'protein crystals' that have scientists excited about the 'milk's' nutritional benefits.