Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke says he wants to record a gospel LP along with albums of Christmas songs and country music.

Robin Thicke has revealed that he would like to make gospel music.

The Blurred Lines singer said he hopes to be able to experiment with different genres following the huge success of his collaboration with Pharrell Williams and TI.

"I want to get right in the studio," the 36-year-old star told AP.

"I want to make a country album, a Christmas album, a gospel album. I'm like, 'Finally!' I'm ready to make four albums right now."

Thicke also revealed that although Blurred Lines gave him his first US chart-topper, his record company did not want to support the track intially.

"The record company didn't get it. They didn't even pay for the video. They didn't want to support it at all," he said.

"And as soon as the record company saw the video, they said, 'This is a smash.'"

Thicke has courted criticism for allegedly rape lyrics and misogynistic undertones in Blurred Lines,

In June, the accompanying video, which featured a bevy of topless models draping themselves over the fully clothed male artistes, was banned by YouTube.

In the wake of the backlash Thicke described the song as a "feminist movement".

"It's supposed to stir conversation, it's supposed to make us talk about what's important and what the relationship between men and women is, but if you listen to the lyrics it says 'That man is not your maker' - it's actually a feminist movement within itself," he added.