Branko Bogdanov
Branko Bogdanov is accused of selling $7 million-worth of stolen goods on eBay ABC

A family charged with selling goods and toys worth $7m (£4m) on eBay face may be jailed before their trial opensprison to prevent them going on the run.

A Chicago judge will decide whether the Bogdanov family should be incarcerated as they await trial for selling stolen goods. They have not entered a plea.

Branko Bogdanov, 58, his wife, Lela, 52, and their daughter, Julia, 34 were arrested by Secret Service agents after they allegedly sold stolen toys including Lego, Furbys and American Girl dolls on eBay. The family was also accused of stealing baby monitors and baby carriers and selling them on the auction website.

They are accused of operating a multimillion-dollar shoplifting ring after allegedly making $4m on the items they sold.

Under the alias Franko Kalath, Branko Bogdanov involved another man who sold $3.4m worth of items over 10 years.

According to prosecutors, Lela Bogdanov would enter target stores, including Toys R Us and bookseller chain Barnes and Noble, wearing a long skirt fitted with a specially-made lining with pouches in which she would place the stolen items.

At times, the skirt "appeared larger and fuller when she exited various retail stores than when she entered", they said.

Barnes and Noble executives reported a huge loss in merchandise.

They were arrested after detectives contacted eBay to find retailers who sold large amounts of the items the family was thought to have stolen.

It was then discovered the amount of merchandise sold often matched the quantities of the same item stolen from stores.