Man arrested for beating pensioner in his own home

An 87-year-old man is in a serious condition in hospital having suffered from a stroke and a bleed to the brain after being attacked in his own bedroom by an intruder.

The pensioner was punched in the face several times before he was robbed in the early hours of the morning on 3 August at his home in Bolton.

A 23-year-old man has been arrested and remains in police custody for questioning.

The intruder broke into the pensioner's home by prising open the living room window and climbing through. He then went upstairs to the man's bedroom and woke him up by turning on the light.

The thief then demanded money from the pensioner and attacked him. He stole his bank book, cheque book and wallet from the bedside cabinet and fled the scene.

Following the attack, the victim called the police. He was taken to hospital and a search of the area was carried out.

Savage and ferocious

Detective inspector Denise Pye said: "This man was awoken, only to find an intruder standing over him making threats. Before he knew what was happening, he was savagely attacked and as a result of this ferocious assault, he sustained a stroke and has been diagnosed with a bleed to his brain.

"He is currently in a serious condition in hospital and is being treated for his injuries. Our thoughts are with him and we hope he makes a recovery.

"This was clearly a shocking crime and I'm sure people in this community will rightly be outraged at what has happened. That is why we are appealing to anyone living in this area who might have information about what happened to come forward.

"Whatever information you may have could be crucial to finding the offender and ensuring justice is done.

"I urge people in the strongest terms that if they do know something or have any suspicions about who may be involved that they call us."