Christina Andrews
Instead of getting a loan or saving up money for her breast enlargement Christina Andrews to ask for help on the roadside

A Florida woman has found a creative way to raise money for her breast enlargement - begging on the streets.

According to WEAR-TV, Christina Andrews of Pensacola wanted bigger boobs but instead of getting a loan or saving up she advertised her need on a bright pink billboard she held up at the side of the road.

Her sign featured the simple - and honest - message, "Not homeless, need boobs."

"I just want bigger boobs, because I'm not happy with the ones that I have. And I figured this was a good way to do it," she told

"People put out signs that they're homeless. I'm not so I'm just being honest."

Rather that provoking the wrath of passing motorists, many were amused by her tactics and decided to donate to her cause.

She continued: "I thought people would just laugh and keep riding but they're like, "Hey - here's some money."

It is not clear how much she has raised.

In July 2012, Chrissy Lance raised funds for her boob job by sitting on a street corner in Akron, Ohio, with a "Not Homeless! Need Boobs" sign of her own.