It is an emotive anniversary. Back in Easter Week 1916 (April 24th) a brave band of Irish men and women took up arms in Dublin in a battle for freedom against the mightiest empire the world had ever seen. Within a week a majority were dead or in captivity, with most of their leaders later put on trial and executed. The rebellion's bloody repression made swathes of the Irish populace sympathetic towards armed republicanism and helped pave the way for the partition. History is ever present in Ireland and a century on, tensions still run high, with political capital being mined from the rebellion as Easter draws near.

On a much more benign note, Ireland continues to be a wellspring of literary talent and a flood of new books on the rebellion has duly appeared. From examinations of James Connolly and the leaders of the uprising to a study of Eamon de Valera's conservative prime ministerial power, here is IBTimes UK's pick of the best literature.