the border
The Border airs on Channel 4 tonight (21 June) at 10pm Channel 4

Much of the UK will be tuning into the EU Referendum: The Great Debate at 8pm on BBC2 on Tuesday (21 June) so a new TV series after the highly-anticipated talk couldn't come at a better time with the premiere of The Border.

Walter Presents – which showcases the best foreign language series from around the world – premieres a Polish thriller-drama about border guards on Channel 4. Its central theme of immigration makes for pertinent timing amid the Brexit issue.

The macho drama is set in a border guard unit specialising in detecting human-traffickers on the extreme border of the EU between Poland and Ukraine. The gripping six part series sees the idyllic, yet remote Bieszczady Mountains – a unit specialising in the protecting of the border from people-traffickers – become the target of a devastating bomb attack.

The Captain, Rebrow – who was the leader of the group of guards who perished in the attack – is the only survivor and comes under immediate suspicion. He sets out to investigate who killed his comrades in a quest to clear his name. Through his journey he discovers an ominous political plot at play; we can only hope Brexit has nothing to do with it.

If you get hooked after episode one, you can watch the rest of the series on All4. Starring Leszek Lichota and Aleksandra Poplawska, this Polish thriller is one to watch.

Watch The Border tonight (21 June) at 10pm on Channel 4.