Game of Thrones heartthrob Kit Harington has revealed he received an "adorable" leaving letter from former co-star Sophie Turner. The 20-year-old English actress, who made her professional acting debut as Sansa Stark on the HB0 fantasy television series, penned a note to the Jon Snow actor when she was convinced his character had been killed off for good.

Harington, famed for his dishevelled hair and smoulderingly good looks, didn't shy away from discussing the blonde, despite being in a long-term relationship with another GoT star, Rose Leslie.

The 29-year-old actor appeared on This Morning on Thursday morning (16 June) and joked about how Hunter expressed her dismay at him supposedly leaving the hit show while he was forced to keep his character's resurrection secret from the rest of the cast. Speaking about the letter to presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, he said Hunter wasn't keen on it being revealed to the public, stating: "Sophie was a little furious about that."

He added: "It was so sweet. It was such a heartfelt letter, [it read] 'I loved working for you', [it was] a really long letter. An adorable letter, and it made me laugh so much.

"And even after she gave it to me, I didn't tell her [about Jon]. I read it and said, 'Thank you so much for the letter'."

Turner, who plays Snow's sister Sansa Stark, referred to the now-embarrassing letter on her appearance on This Morning last month, saying: "Kit told me in the fifth season he was going, and that was it. So I wrote a long heartfelt letter about how I was going to miss him, and how much I loved working with him.

"And then he came back the next season and was like, 'Your letter's so funny, I've still got it, it's hilarious'."

Harington, who relentlessly denied his character was coming back after he was 'killed' in season 5, spoke about telling a few porkies on today's This Morning programme, adding: "My mum and dad knew very quickly, knew quickly, my brother, and friends. By the time it was airing, most close acquaintances to me knew."

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