Bournemouth Python
A Bournemouth man woke to find a seven-foot python on his flat's balcony Ben Castle

A Bournemouth reveller woke up on Saturday after a boozy night out to find a seven-foot python slithering across his balcony.

Ben Castle went out for a morning cigarette and to take in some of the south coast sea air on Saturday when he heard an unusual hissing.

Glancing across his flat's balcony, he realised the sound was not the after effects of a heavy night out with friends, but a huge yellow snake staking claim to the outdoor spot.

The 26-year-old, who has lived at the Bournemouth flat for just two weeks, told IBTimes UK the surreal sight was like something out of box office smash The Hangover.

"It was f****** massive, it was longer than me. I reckon it was bigger than six foot, probably about seven," the sales executive said.

"It was like something out of The Hangover, there'll be a tiger in my bathroom next. I woke up at about 9.30 and went out for my morning cigarette. That is when I heard hissing and then I saw this massive snake. I thought 'Oh, hello'.

"It looked across at me and for a moment we looked at each other but it did not look aggressive. I was quite hungover so was not as scared as I might have been. I just ended up closing my windows and doors and left it there.

"It must be someone's pet, but I bet the landlord doesn't know it's here."

Castle later summoned the courage the search for the serpent but it had by then slithered off without trace.

"Someone must have claimed it but I don't know who. Or it could turn up in my shower."