Amid the Euro 2016 football frenzy and Chilcot Inquiry drama, a fresh and funny sitcom is the light at the end of the tunnel on BBC2 tonight (6 July).

A romcom series true to the modern, evolving world, and is about a man falling in love with a transgender woman. Judy is played by a woman, Rebecca Root, while her doting boyfriend Leo is played by Harry Hepple.

It's an uplifting, good-natured second series of the show that is a refreshing breather from current events, and sees the couple living happily in Judy's mother Peggy's (Janine Duvitski) overcrowded home. But their relationship is threatened when Leo receives an interesting job offer and Peggy has some worrying health issues.

The loved-up couple come head on to the new challenge amid their plans for a future together, and though Leo's potential job involves a good salary, pension and five weeks holiday, it is based in London – which is a little inconvenient seeing as they live in Newcastle.

Looking as though he's seriously considering the move, Leo quips: "It will be ok, we'll see each other every weekend," so it'll no doubt make for an interesting watch as the plot – tame as it is – unfolds.

Denise Welch also stars, and plays Leo's mother Pam, and joins Peggy at a transgender support group, but is mortified when someone asks her how long she's been living as a woman. Yikes! Peggy brazenly tells her: "It's the butch haircut and the way you walk," which makes for a fine comic moment.

A gentle comedy, but a worthy Wednesday night watch with a cup of cocoa; Boy Meets Girl airs on Wednesday at 10pm on BBC2.