Brad Pitt and George Clooney
Brad Pitt and George Clooney worked together on the 2001 movie Ocean's Eleven Getty

Multiple reports claimed that Brad Pitt paid a visit to his old pal George Clooney and his newborn twins over the weekend. As a father-of-six, Pitt who would have been the best person to share some parenting advice with the new father, seems to have had a heartwarming moment meeting the twins.

A source claimed that the War Machine actor had some sort of a meltdown seeing his closest friend hold his newborns. "Brad [Pitt]'s heart melted when he saw George [Clooney] holding the twins — he's never known his friend to look so complete and content," a source told Hollywood Life.

The gossip website dished details about the emotional meeting and claimed that Pitt always knew Clooney would embrace fatherhood one day.

"Brad always told George that he would be a dad one day, that he would meet the right person and give in eventually. But George was adamant, it just wasn't in the cards," the source added.

"He loved his independence and freedom way too much to get tied down. But when he met Amal [Clooney] it all changed radically — pretty much over night. And it wasn't like Amal put any pressure on George or even brought up the subject of marriage and kids," the alleged source added. "It was all George's doing, totally."

News about the two stars catching up at Clooney's country home in Oxfordshire was also reported by Mirror Online. The Hollywood heart-throbs, who have been friends since co-starring in 2001's Ocean's Eleven movie, met while Pitt was on his way back from Glastonbury.

"George and Brad have grown really close since he split from Angelina," the British tabloid reported.

"Brad was overheard telling his friends at Glastonbury that he was off to see the Clooneys and their new arrivals," the publication's source added. "He was very excited about George becoming a dad for the first time. Their friendship means a lot to him, and George keeps him grounded."

However, there have been conflicting claims with Gossip Cop squashing the report saying no such trip happened.

Clooney became a first-time father after he and his wife Amal welcomed twins - Alexander and Ella – on 6 June.

George and Amal Clooney
George and Amal Clooney welcomed twins - a son and a daughter - in June Getty