• Former WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas made the claim that McGregor was knocked out.
  • The Irishman was believed to be sparring with Brandon Rios.

Rumours emerging this week that Conor McGregor was knocked out during a boxing sparring session have been revealed to be false.

As the Irishman prepares for his big money boxing match with Floyd Mayweather on 26 August, he has been sparring with various boxers and combat stars to get accustomed with the sport.

WBO welterweight champion and Olympic boxer Jessie Vargas however, recently revealed that he had heard rumours from "the boxing world" that McGregor was knocked out by former WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios in a sparring session.

"He got knocked out cold," Vargas told Villainfy Media. "We hearing stories. The boxing world is small, you hear these things."

"I heard they tried Brandon Rios but he knocked out Conor, so they had to push him away."

While such rumours have been fabricated in the past with McGregor, many were quick to believe them this time as very few people are giving "The Notorious" a chance in a sport which he is yet to compete in professionally.

Regardless, Rios has come out and claimed that the rumours are false, adding that he had not even met McGregor, let alone sparred with him.

"No man. Vargas is f*****g about," Rios revealed, as quoted on World Boxing News. "I never met that motherf****r. I know nothing about him, I've never met that motherf****r but I'd like to spar him."

"The worlds gone crazy. I've been getting text messages, calls and s**t like that. The phone's been blowing up. I don't even know who he is."

Rios did not miss the chance to take a jab at the UFC lightweight champion either.

"I don't even know who the guy is honestly," he added. "Even though I watch MMA I don't know who he is. He got choked out by f*****g Nate Diaz."

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Conor McGregor was reported to have been knocked out during a boxing sparring session getty