An amazing video has been released showing a Brazilian cyclist moving a car that was blocking a bike lane with his bare hands.

The video, posted online by YouTube user Joe Loreto under the title "The strongest man in the world", shows the frustrated cyclist get off his bike when he sees the cycle lane obstructed by the vehicle. The muscular individual then proceeds to lift the car and move it partially out of the lane.

Stunned onlookers flock to the scene to cheer the man on as, after a couple more attempts, he manages to successfully move the the vehicle completely out of the way of the path. But rather than bask in the applause, the individual merely gets back on his bike and cycles away.

It is not made clear where the spectacular incident was filmed but several YouTube commentators identified the location as São Paulo.

Since being posted online on 27 July the video has gone viral, clocking up over 900,000 views on YouTube.