A police officer in China saved the life of a man who jumped from a four-storey building by using his own body to cushion the fall.

Footage of the incident in Nankang Town, Beihai City shows a 32-year-old man – who has not been named and is believed to have taken hallucinogenic drugs – walking on the edge of a building's scaffolding. As police officers try to dissuade the man from jumping, he suddenly leaps off the edge of the building.

China suicide jump
The 32-year-old man jumped from scaffolding on the fourth floor of the building CCTV

As the man was plummeting towards the ground, police officer Liang Xiao ran forward to try to catch him and cushion his fall. The falling man collided with the officer, causing both to crumple to the ground.

Both Liang and the man were taken to hospital with minjor injuries, with Liang treated for a broken left foot, facial swelling and multiple bruises. The condition of the jumper is currently unknown, with the cause for his suicidal leap still being investigated.