Several city buses were completely engulfed by flames in the central Brazilian city of Goiania on 21 September, as demonstrators set them on fire to demand better transportation services in the city and surrounding areas.

Bus company Metrobus, which operates in Goiania and services surrounding areas, said at least six of its vehicles were completely burnt out and nine others damaged by vandals who hurled rocks and other objects at the vehicles, smashing windows and causing other damages. Thick, black smoke rose up from the flaming buses forcing a highway leading to the city to close for about six hours.

Buses from other companies were also vandalised in other attacks the same day. At least nine had their windows shattered by rocks. Local reports cited police sources saying approximately 400 people participated in the demonstrations against the companies.

Police in riot gear came out to clear the crowds as patrol officers struggled to keep calm. A person who witnessed the mayhem said vandals took advantage of the situation to cause more harm. He said: "The people took advantage of the situation to be able to do what they did. This type of vandalism is repulsive."